I used to sketch while travelling from home to my art school. It was like an addiction. I used to miss it when I started to work in Advertising.
Times of India was celebrating their 150th year. There were great dancers on stage like Biru Maharaj, Sanjukta Panigrihi and Sonal Mansing. Seeing their fabulous performance my hand started itching, I had a sketch pen in my pocket and a red coloured entry ticket, blank on one side in my hand.
Thats when my Dancescapes was born. I sketched them all while they were dancing on stage. I went from one performance to the other and then to the other for so many years. Then went and visited dance schools. Sat there with my easel, black ink on rice paper most of the time.
Then moved on to acrylic on canvas to build more variety. After a few years and a few exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Italy, France and Morocco I tried my hands at Ceramic.....Portfolio went on building itself.